Bomb Conflict

The world is in danger! Are you ready to save it?

Invaders, bombs, world in danger, the classics get redefined in this awesome puzzle game. You are the mighty god of gravity, whose mission is to save your followers from the attacks of an unknown invader force. How can you help them? By shifting the gravity force of course!

Use the power of gravity to clear the bombs left on the battlefield and defuse them before they detonate. Sounds simple? Brace yourself, you will need your strategy skills to overcome the obstacles and achieve victory. Failure is not an option, you are the last hope for this planet.

Bomb conflict offers a refreshing experience for the puzzle genre. Inspired by classic games, it brings an old school aspect mixed with the actual technologies to create an explosive result. Optimized for phones and tablets, you will be able to control gravity as a god would be with the planet between its own hands. Be prepared to test your mind as this game will require you to push your brain to the limit.